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by Matthew Woerly

Training at ZSE is done with Mentors/Instructors.

Note: Observers need to follow the process outlined in the S1 Minor Syllabus before being allowed to request training.

Watch a video tutorial on requesting training here:

Unless otherwise indicated, all dates/times on the website should be based on the timezone you set in your profile.

As illustrated in the above video, follow these steps to request training:

  1. Determine a date and block of time you will be available for training.
  2. Log on to the website at
  3. Select "My Schedule" from the controller menu item at the top of the page.
  4. Select "Request Training" as the position type.
  5. Select the position group you would like to begin training. Usually, we start with Minor Clearance Delivery.
  6. Select the position name. We usually start training at PDX.
  7. Input any additional comments to the INS/MTR as needed.
  8. In the next row of inputs, select the date, start time, and end time. Certain limits are placed on the length and frequency of requests (see below).
  9. Click the Submit button to submit the request.

Until your request is accepted, the time block will appear only on your "My Schedule"/"Request Training" page, where you can remove it if needed. Your training request will NOT show up on the home page or Master Schedule until accepted.

When your training request is accepted, you will receive an email. The block will then change color and appear on the home page and Master Schedule.

Note: If your accepted session is adjacent in time or overlaps with another one, it may not show up on the home page schedule, but should appear on the Master Schedule.

Tips for getting more requests accepted:

  • Request training well in advance. You can add requests up to two weeks out. We do our best to be as fair as possible and accommodate the last-minute availability of both staff and students, but there is a degree of "first come, first served" in which requests get accepted.
  • Extend your request to cover all the hours you are available. Staff can pick a shorter block within your range when they accept the request. This makes it more likely to find a time that works for both of you.
  • Put in as many requests as you can accommodate. You can have up to 8 requests in the system at a time. The more options you provide, the more likely staff will find a time that works for them.
  • Try to be flexible and request a variety of days/times.

In addition to a staff page listing all open requests, an email is sent out to the training staff each night with a list of all open training requests. This means requesting at least a day in advance helps your request gets seen, and putting in many requests does not create email or notification noise for the staff.

Please remember that all INS/MTRs are volunteers, and if your training request is not accepted, keep requesting and an INS/MTR should eventually pick one up. As always, if you ever have any questions, feel free to email our training department staff at [email protected]