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Created 12/31/2015 21:23
Last Updated 07/13/2018 00:11
by Austin Wilkins

VATSIM provides this service FREE at no cost to you. With that comes rules that govern the proper use of visibility ranges.  To use more bandwidth than your selected position requires prevents others from using the FREE bandwidth provided for all to use.  When logging in please be sure to set the appropriate visibility range for the position you are staffing.  If you log in with the incorrect range, you will be asked to correct it. 

OBS: 300nm maximum range when logging on as an observer.

DEL: 10-20NM

GND: 10-20NM

TWR: 30-50NM

APP: 100-150NM

CTR: 300-600NM ... recommended 460NM

This is consistent with VATSIM Policy as per Richard Jenkins (VATSIM12), Co-Founder of VATSIM

During high volume times (FNO, Event) please be especially conservative.

Use only the bandwidth you need.