2017 End of Year Report

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2017 End of Year Report

Post by Brayden Manzella » Sun Dec 31, 2017 1:55 pm

End of Year Report (2017)
Brayden Manzella, Air Traffic Manager


Well folks, another year is going to be going down on the books in a few hours, and I think its important to sit back and reflect on the year and see where we are headed, and what areas we need to improve upon. First and foremost, I want to say THANK YOU to our Webmaster, Blake Nahin, for helping me retrieve these statistics from our website. Now, on to the important stuff...

The VATUSA numbers are based on controllers that were removed by the website's roster synchronization. The following numbers do not include controllers that were never added to the website. The new website occasionally removed members out of inactivity processing error, and an approximation of 20 controllers was subtracted from the actual inactivity removal database result. All removal numbers include those that may have been added back at a later date.

Code: Select all

New Controllers: 88 [2016: 131]
Restored: 119 [2016: 50]
Retention rate: 26% [2016: 63%]

This rate is the ratio of active controllers that were added in this year to the total number of
controllers that were added in last year. This includes visitors.

Transferred out/Removed from VATUSA: 53 [2016: 99]
Removals for inactivity: 164 [2016: 64]
As you can see, from 2017 to 2016, we had 43 more new controllers in 2016 than we did in 2017. While we did not necessarily gain new controllers, we did have 69 controllers who were previously members of ZSE, return this year, compared to last year.


Below are all sessions/requests that were placed on the website. These numbers do not count pop-up sessions that were not added as a scheduled session.

Code: Select all

Requests: 702 hours [2016: 355 hours]
Picked up: 160 hours (23%) [2016: 86 hours (24%)]
Average duration: 1.2 hours [2016: 1.9 hours]

Number of sessions by position (top 3): PDX_TWR (33), PDX_APP (28), PDX_DEL (22)

Cancellations: 83 (38%)
Wow! We more than doubled our number of training request hours that were put in, and in doing so, we doubled our number of sessions that were picked up. Bear in mind that these numbers do not reflect “pop-up” sessions (more on that below), and these only reflect sessions that were requested through the scheduling system. As you can see, 23% of the requests that are put in the scheduler were picked up. This is fairly consistent from 2016 to 2017. The average session duration decreased slightly, however, this can be attributed to the new VATUSA CBTs for S1 and S2 that were released this year, and our need to have long and lengthy classroom lectures has decreased. Also, taking into consideration that 38% of requested sessions were cancelled prior to their start, and would not be indicated in “picked up.”


Code: Select all

286 records [2016: 355 records]
426 hours [2016: 527 hours]
Number of records by position (top 3): PDX_TWR (62), PDX_APP (50), SEA_APP (40)

Our top 3 Training Staff members by hours for 2017:
Aaron Schwartz (176), Frank Miller (64), Austin Wilkins (34)

These numbers accurately describe our training. As you can see, we had 286 total sessions, totaling 426 hours. As I stated above, I can attribute our decrease in hours to the VATUSA CBTs which do not require us to provide as much training to the S1 and S2 ratings. Hats off to Aaron, Frank, Austin, and all of our staff for their work this year. Putting in as many hours as these guys have over the past year is no easy job, and the amount of sessions that we conduct every year would not be possible without the help of our outstanding training staff. Our training staff dedicates a lot of time to the betterment of this hobby, and for that, I am grateful to have such a professional and motivated staff team of Mentors and Instructors.

Below are the top 5 controllers for the year based on controlling hours. Only active controlling facilities count for these hours.

Code: Select all

Peter Armstrong: 1,573 hours
Frank Miller: 233 hours
Julien Guillory: 207 hours
Jordan Robinson: 172 hours
Randal Lahey: 170 hours

Our controllers are the foundation of Seattle. It’s great to see the hours that are put in day in and day out. It speaks highly of the dedication and commitment that our controllers have to Seattle. Congratulations and THANK YOU to Peter, Frank, Julien, Jordan, and Randy for your impressive amount of time controlled this year.


The following data includes flights to/from all major airports from ZSE airspace and some minor ones. Also, duplicate callsigns and to/from airports are only counted once. One movement is a flight with a unique callsign and to/from airports. This produces a result slightly lower than the actual count.

Code: Select all

Total Movements: 23,752 [2016: 17,494]
KSEA: 14,029 (59%) [2016: 10,198 (58%)]
KPDX: 5,741 (24%) [2016: 4,020 (23%)]

Most seen pilots:
Spencer Hoefer (CID: 1205599, 142 flights), 
Raleigh Fisher (CID: 1383853, 106 flights),
Doug Larkins (CID: 1348835, 92 flights)

And last, but certainly not least, our pilots. Without them, we would not have anything to control, and would make our job pretty boring! We have increased in our number of movements from 2016 to 2017, and I attribute that to our continued online presence, and increased quality of events, which I anticipate will continue to rise next year due to our reinvigorated Events Department under the leadership of Austin Wilkins.

So where are we headed for 2018? Here are a few of my areas of focus:
  • Increased events, featuring minor fields
  • Collaborating with neighboring facilities on events and introducing new partnerships
  • Increased social media presence
  • Collaboration between Facilities, Training, and Event Departments for tools to handle higher traffic levels during events
  • Improving controller recruitment and retention
While I can't tell you what is going to happen next year for certain, what I will say is that we have our plans; we are going to stick to them; and we are going to come out on top!

I want to wish everyone a safe, happy, and healthy New Year!
Brayden Manzella
Air Traffic Director
VATUSA - Western Region
VATSIM Network Supervisor

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Re: 2017 End of Year Report

Post by Christopher Lajoie » Sat Jan 06, 2018 8:30 pm

Well said sir.
Happy New Year All!

With regard to Social Media presence, this includes spreading our information to others! We encourage all to consider sharing, wait until you see our results at the end of 2018, we have lots coming!! As Brayden said, we will come out on top! Here's to a prosperous new year of building friendships, and doing the thing we love most; powering each cog and wheel throughout the ARTCC.
See you around!

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