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Ok! So, you are looking at a blank scope – hoping and praying that traffic appears and you sit there for 10 mins – 20 mins – 40 mins- 60 mins and no traffic. So, what to do? :( Well, you could go on our website and check out the Forum chatter or, you could check out our Documents Section to update yourself (or not). :shock:

Whatever you decide to do to break the boredom, even sit back into your favourite computer desk chair and r e l a x. Whoops, don’t doze off! :wink: Traffic may appear on your scope.

Well, what you may need is a “wake-up-call”. :mrgreen: I may have the answer.

I have installed a “bicycle bell” :idea: sound into my VRC sound system. I searched the internet and found WAV SOUNDS, downloaded some to my computer and installed a couple of sounds into my VRC Sound System and in particular the “bicycle bell” sound which is automatically activated if any of the following events occur:-
• Handoff request
• Point out
• Radio message
• Chat message
• ATC message
• Flight strip received
• A/C appears on my arrivals/departure list
I assure you, the alarm is very load and grabs your attention. Also, sometimes I have sat there, looking at a blank scope and wondering when the traffic will appear, only to find that sometime ago, I was disconnected from the Network – for whatever reason – server problem – ISP problem – Router problem. Anyway, I have not noticed the disconnection because I was not expecting it nor looking for it. So, one of the WAV SOUNDS that I have installed is a very large sound from UK = BIG BEN and, let me assure you, it is loud and gets your attention to the fact that you have been disconnected! :nyd:

Anyway, apart from the subtle little noxious standard VRC sounds I like the sounds to mean something

Happy snoozing – sorry, I meant controlling
Happy controlling/flying :beer:
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