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AFV Update

Posted: Fri Oct 18, 2019 10:52 am
by Mike Fries
I hope you all are enjoying AFV. Still some bugs to be ironed out like ATIS not working, connectivity issues but overall I think a better experience.

I have a tip for you all, the output volume slider in AFV appears to change the VHF effects volume, if you as I think the static was too loud, crank that down. It also helps with the pilots blowing your eardrums out. I have it down to -69 right now and it sounds good.

Check your mic volume and make sure it doesn't go into the red or you'll get clipping and cracking at the top end. I encourage you to let kindly let pilots know if their mic level is too high.

If you have found any issues with placement of the transceivers let me know. You should be able to hear aircraft on the ground anywhere in the airspace, some areas may be scratchy.

Lastly, VATSIM has posted an update for the weekend where high traffic is expected. Please see the link posted below and follow the guidance specifically:

Air Traffic Controllers are requested to consider giving up their sessions to another qualified controller who wants to control the same position if the controller has been on position for 2 hours or more. Please ensure that the controller relieving you has successfully connected prior to disconnecting so your position does not go offline and is unable to get another controller online.
Air Traffic Controllers are also asked to not transmit and receive on multiple frequencies. Each controller may transmit and receive on only one frequency unless temporarily relieving another controller in the top down hierarchy
Where we reach server capacity, VATSIM may suspend voice ATIS connections and observer connections in favor of having slots available for active controller and pilot connections. Such messages will be broadcast to all users on the network. Should you receive such a broadcast, Air Traffic Controllers are requested to disconnect their ATIS messages and proceed using a text only ATIS and Observers are requested to log off and reconnect as a Pilot or Air Traffic Controller or continue their observing session at a later time.

Re: AFV Update

Posted: Sat Oct 19, 2019 8:40 am
by Mike Fries
AFV position relief callsigns:
Approach and center controllers, your positions use multiple transceivers but only using the defined callsigns.
When you log in as SEA_1_CTR it uses your controller client to place the transceivers so you will need to TX and RX on SEA_CTR transceivers in order to get the full benefit and have coverage to all airports.

Same goes for mentors, instructors, students, or anyone logged on an approach or center sector that is not defined. Please try to use the positions listed in the Standard Frequencies SOP