Recap - Good Evening Seattle: Training Edition

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Recap - Good Evening Seattle: Training Edition

Post by Frank Miller » Thu Dec 06, 2018 9:52 pm

On Thursday evening, the crisp clear skies over Seattle and the gusty air above Portland were filled with aircraft....IFR departures and arrivals, VFR bug-smashers exploring Pearson, Renton and Scappoose, even a flight of two F18 fast-movers were spotted in the KSEA pattern over Puget Sound. The student controllers handled it all!

First, congratulations to the students who staffed positions, and special recognition to those earning promotions and OTS recommendations: Aldo Mendoza, Cristobal Catalan, Elliot Vega, Mark Thimm, Dan Davison and Faraazuddin Syed.

Second, an enormous "thank you" to the ZSE training staff who came along to support our students: Tom Cardot, Rusty Wittner, and Aaron Schwartz.

Finally, the Johnny-on-the-Spot Award goes to Alex Seeberger, one of our stalwart regular C1 controllers, who came along and ran Seattle Center for the entire event, making sure we were able to provide a full service to all-comers and keeping the Approach controllers well looked after.

We'll schedule another one as soon as we can. If you have any particular feedback or questions of any kind about the event, learning points that arose, or how we might make the next training event an even greater success, please let me know at [email protected].

Blue skies!

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