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Post by Peter Armstrong » Mon Oct 09, 2017 4:39 am

I use the following procedure for arrivals on STARs. (Assuming no CTR on-line!)

As soon as my visibility (150nm) picks up the arrival I bring up its Flight Plan and check the following:-
• Arrival designation (STAR or Non STAR)?
• Nav eqpt - for suitability to fly RNAV?
• Height (determine when and if to advise descent)?
• sqk code
• Distance and time to Tracon first fix (example RADDY for the CHINS2 STAR)

I then place an Anchor on the A/C to RADDY

At about 30nm out I send a Contact Request

Upon contact I implement the sqk code procedure and following ID I send a contact notice as follows:-
TYPICAL TEXT content -

Example = .cs2 Welcome aboard, Radar Contact,$dist($1) miles $bear($1) of $1 at $calt, descend via the Chins2 arrival, expect vectors ILS RWY 16C approach, altimeter $altimeter($arr)

Where [dot] cs2 = Chins/South ops/2nd line of my text contact (my 1st line is if CTR is on-line, then no need for radar contact)

Following successful contact and read back I then reassign the Anchor to ANVIL (ILS 16C INT)

Happy controlling/flying :beer:
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