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Post by Peter Armstrong » Wed Oct 18, 2017 1:49 pm

I think that I may have just figured a way to have on-line training/self training or self testing between controllers – without Sweatbox and without a live session.

If both Student and INS/MTR log on as OBS.

The Student opens the INS/MTRs PRIVATE CHAT BOX

The session is now live and the INS/MTR and Student can chat via TEAMSPEAK.

The Student brings up the Target Flight Plan and proceeds to give the target an instruction via TeamSpeak (to the INS/MTR). INS/MTR responds as per acting as the pilot.

For more realism/details, this session can be also carried out in text fashion (with voice dialogue between the INS/MTR and Student via TeamSpeak) for clarifications.

The Student can connect to a TARGET (which then brings up the A/C call sign into the command line Text Box). The Student then can utilise his [dot] command files to send instructions to the target but via the INS/MTRs PRIVATE CHAT BOX (NOT via the command line) This method is good in that it tests the Students Alias files [dot] commands and also projects LIVE information into the INS/MTRs PRIVATE CHAT BOX.

The other important point about this text training, it can be carried out between Controllers or, by oneself – sort of self-tuition/training sessions – refer to Subject: = “YOUR OWN PERSONAL CHAT BOX” in this Forum

No actual contact is ever made to live pilots

Just an idea!


Caveat - This is not a substitute for the excellent training that we receive here in ZSEARTCC. The training staff are dedicated and available to provide for all of your training needs
Happy controlling/flying :beer:
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