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Tips on Requesting Training

Posted: Mon Feb 05, 2018 4:12 pm
by Aaron Schwartz
The following are tips on increasing the chances of training requests that you submit getting accepted:

1. Submit the training request(s) several days in advance, at least two days prior.

2. Submit multiple training requests throughout the day. For example, If you're available all day Saturday, put in multiple requests throughout the entire day Saturday.

3. Enter in comments, such as "time flexible" or "available all day".

4. Email a mentor or instructor and ask them when they are available to conduct a training session.

5. Consistently put in training requests. If one does not get picked up, do not get discouraged! Keep requesting training and one will get accepted.

6. Ensure you have met all prerequisites before submitting training requests, such as viewing the VATUSA CBT or completing an exam (prerequisites can be found in APS007).

7. To learn how to request training, watch this video: