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Created 01/02/2016 02:23
Last Updated 11/24/2020 22:36
by Finn Hutter

Remember all IFR flight plans need clearance from ANY airport/airfield; how we end the approval for that clearance at uncontrolled airports/airfields is quite different. The proper ending phraseology after pilot readback is:

SEA CTR: "N57SF released for departure at [give zulu time a few minutes from the current time]. Clearance void if not off by [allow about 5 to 15 minutes from assigned zulu departure]. Current zulu time is [give current time]. frequency changed approved; contact me in controlled airspace."

You can also say contact me at any particular fix/vor and/or altitude provided they will be in controlled airspace. Words in "quotes" are the proper sequence to say the clearance, so memorize the pattern.