Future Events

Join the VATSIM Seattle ARTCC in the Puget Sound Parade, an event featuring Seattle's satellite fields!

Date and Time July 29, 2024
00:00 - 04:00
Airports Staffed KPAE, KBFI, KRNT, KSEA
Shifts 1 Shift
Open to Signups

Past Events

Cross the Land: America's, Northbound 2024

Join ZSE, VATUSA, and VATSIM in this year's edition of CtL: America's!

Date and Time July 6, 2024
21:00 -01:15
Airports Staffed N/A

PMDG 777 Release Event

Join us for the release event of the PMDG 777!

Date and Time July 1, 2024
00:00 -04:00
Airports Staffed KSEA, KPAE

Light Up America: Live from FSExpo

Join VATUSA in their signature event, live at FSExpo!

Date and Time June 21, 2024
23:00 -04:00
Airports Staffed KSEA, KPDX

Empire Builder FNO

Join Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, and Seattle ARTCCs as we celebrate the airspace that follows the route of the incomparable Empire Builder!

Date and Time June 7, 2024
22:30 -03:00
Airports Staffed KSEA, KGEG

The Class D Spree

Join the West Coast

Date and Time May 17, 2024
23:30 -04:00

The Pilot Club Discovery Flight

Join TPC for a GA Discovery flight from some underutilized fields in ZSE!

Date and Time April 27, 2024
23:30 -02:00
Airports Staffed KSEA, KNUW, KMWH

Spring in Seattle!

Celebrate the blooming of Cherry Blossoms in Seattle along with vZDC!

Date and Time March 30, 2024
23:30 -03:30
Airports Staffed KSEA

24 Hours of VATSIM: Leg 7

Join this annual VATSIM event and control for Leg 7 of the 24 hours of VATSIM!

Date and Time March 2, 2024
23:00 -02:00
Airports Staffed N/A

VATUSA Presents: Hidden Gateways, Sponsored by SimWorks Studios

Come staff Spokane for the VATUSA event focusing on smaller commercial US airports sometimes neglected by VATSIM Pilots!

Date and Time February 18, 2024
23:00 -03:00
Airports Staffed KGEG


Tier 2 Support for ZLA SNO

Date and Time February 11, 2024
00:00 -04:00
Airports Staffed N/A


Come provide support at SEA and ZSE for ZOA/ZVR for this busy Saturday night event!

Date and Time February 4, 2024
00:30 -05:00
Airports Staffed KSEA, KPDX

[SUPPORT] ZLA Scooby Dooby Duke SNO

Tier 2 Support for ZLA SNO

Date and Time January 21, 2024
01:00 -05:00
Airports Staffed KSEA, KPDX


Fly high in the sky right alongside superheroes! We've sent an SOS for superheroes to meet at NCT (Northern California Tracon)!

Date and Time January 20, 2024
00:00 -04:00
Airports Staffed KSEA, KPDX

Green Christmas FNO

Join ZVR and ZSE for a Green Christmas in the wonderful wooded PNW!

Date and Time January 6, 2024
00:30 -05:00
Airports Staffed KPDX

iniBuilds Pumpkin Patch-Palooza

iniBuilds October Group Flight

Date and Time October 21, 2023
14:00 -20:00
Airports Staffed KSEA, KRNT, KBLI

TPC Fly-In Thursday: KEUG

The Pilot Club returns to ZSE!

Date and Time October 13, 2023
00:00 -03:00
Airports Staffed KEUG

TPC Discovery Flight


Date and Time August 27, 2023
00:00 -04:00
Airports Staffed KPDX, KPSC

Seattle Roulette: FNO

Seattle ARTCC presents Seattle Roulette!

Date and Time August 12, 2023
00:00 -04:00
Airports Staffed KSEA