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Past Events

Mountain Mayhem

Denver and Seattle Crossfire!

Date and Time January 25, 2020
22:00 -02:00
Airports Staffed KSEA, KPDX

Welcoming back the Roaring 20s!

Help us welcome the new decade and welcome back the 20s in this PDX/SEA TRACON event

Date and Time December 29, 2019
22:00 -01:00
Airports Staffed KSEA, KPDX

ZLC Event Support: Thanksgiving Week Kickoff

Support event for Salt Lake City Center on their KBOI event on Sunday, November 24, 2019.

Date and Time November 25, 2019
01:00 -04:00
Airports Staffed KSEA, KPDX

Turkey Day in Anchorage

Work in Anchorage and help with their event!

Date and Time November 23, 2019
21:00 -00:00
Airports Staffed N/A

World Flight 2019

World Flight 2019 - Portland - Sunday November 3, 2019

Date and Time November 3, 2019
20:00 -00:00
Airports Staffed KPDX, KSEA

VATUSA's Transcon 2019

VATUSA's Transcon 2019 - Saturday November 2 1000-1800 Pacific (1700-0100z)

Date and Time November 2, 2019
17:00 -01:00
Airports Staffed KSEA, KPDX

Sea-Tac In The Fall

Sea-Tac In The Fall - Wednesday October 9th - 1659-2059 Pacific (2359-0359 Zulu)

Date and Time October 10, 2019
00:00 -04:00
Airports Staffed KSEA, KPDX, KGEG

Pendleton Round-up | GA Event

A general aviation event with the focus field including Pendleton

Date and Time September 11, 2019
00:00 -04:00

Northwest Light-Up (LIVE)

A live event which will be part of our weekend meetup

Date and Time August 17, 2019
22:00 -04:00
Airports Staffed N/A

Portlandia Live | FNO

Hosting the VATUSA FNO during the Summer Meetup 2019

Date and Time August 17, 2019
00:00 -04:00
Airports Staffed KSEA, KPDX, KGEG, KHIO, KTTD

Light Up America

Join the Seattle ARTCC for out newest edition of Light Up America

Date and Time July 6, 2019
03:00 -08:00
Airports Staffed KSEA, KPDX

Moses Lake Airshow Fly-In

A Fly-In event to celebrate the real world Moses Lake Airshow!

Date and Time June 14, 2019
00:00 -04:00
Airports Staffed KMWH, KPSC, KYKM

ZSE Thursday Trainer

ZSE Thursday Trainer

Date and Time May 16, 2019
23:30 -03:30
Airports Staffed KSEA, KPDX, KGEG

Valley to Coast

A great VFR/GA focused event featuring KOTH, KEUG, and KMFR.

Date and Time May 5, 2019
19:00 -23:00
Airports Staffed KEUG, KMFR, KOTH

Fly the Gorge

Flights from Portland to Pasco

Date and Time April 21, 2019
22:00 -02:00
Airports Staffed KPDX, KPSC, KTTD

VATSTAR Training Support

Providing ATC to support a VATSTAR training session

Date and Time April 14, 2019
23:00 -02:00
Airports Staffed KSLE

ZLC FNO Support

Supporting the ZLC (Salt Lake) FNO

Date and Time April 13, 2019
00:00 -04:00
Airports Staffed KSEA, KPDX

Cross the Pond Support

Cross the Pond

Date and Time March 30, 2019
18:00 -01:00
Airports Staffed KSEA, KPDX

Virtual United's 7th Annual Birthday Bash

Virtual United's 7th Annual Birthday Bash

Date and Time March 24, 2019
18:00 -22:00
Airports Staffed KPDX

Redmond Thaw Fly-In

Staffing of KRDM for a fun weeknight that is better suited for such traffic levels.

Date and Time March 20, 2019
00:00 -03:00
Airports Staffed KRDM

Charlie to Charlie | FNO

Routes between Portland (KPDX/KHIO) and Spokane (KGEG/KSFF)

Date and Time March 9, 2019
00:00 -04:00
Airports Staffed KPDX, KGEG, KHIO, KSFF

Storm the Bay (ZOA FNO Support)

ZOA FNO Support

Date and Time March 2, 2019
00:00 -04:00
Airports Staffed KSEA, KPDX

Keeping Portland Weird

Main Event during our February 15th-17th Meetup in Salem Oregon

Date and Time February 17, 2019
17:00 -22:00
Airports Staffed KPDX, KHIO, KTTD