Events FAQ

How do I sign up to control an event?

Once an event is published, you may go to the Events page and click on the event title. For each shift, you are given a specific number of choices for positions you would like to control. This is specified for each event by the EC. Choose your position choices and click Submit. Please note that this will not be editable.

How do I change or delete my position choice?

Once you have made your selections for the shift, you may remove your request by choosing "Leave Blank". If you have already been selected for the event, you must contact the events department.

How often do events occur?

Events occur usually a few times a month. ARTCC-Sponsored events, such as FNO and Good Evening Seattle, occurs twice a year. VA-sponsored events usually occur once per two months.

What kind of events occur?

Many kinds of events occur in Seattle. Training events promote student promotion and controlling time on a position. FNOs and ARTCC-sponsored events promote flying in the ZSE airspace or at a specific airport.

Who do I contact for questions or comments?

For techincal inquiries, contact the webmaster at [email protected]. For event-related inquiries, contact the events department at [email protected]