All Seattle ARTCC NOTAMs

This table lists all ARTCC NOTAMs.

Date Message
02/14/2019 ZSE Master File (1901) Released, featuring updated PDX Airport Diagram courtesy of Justin Alderman!
01/08/2019 2019 Kick Off!
01/06/2019 Would you attend a live event in Seattle the weekend of August 16th, 2019?
11/29/2018 New ZSE-HCF LOA allowing for Mutual Automatic Visiting Privileges has been published. Click here for more details.
11/06/2018 Pearson Field (KVUO) Special Flight Rules Area (SFRA).  Training materials for Minor Tower and Minor Approach have been updated to address the SFRA at Pearson Field. 
11/02/2018 Please share your thoughts about how ZSE is doing by filling out this survey to help improve ZSE!
07/19/2018 ZSE Changes for the 1808 AIRAC Cycle
03/21/2018 Updated KSEA initial altitude! All IFR departures out of KSEA will be assigned an initial altitude of 7000.
03/13/2018 ZSE Changes for the 1804 Cycle have been published. Click here for details.

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