All Seattle ARTCC NOTAMs

This table lists all ARTCC NOTAMs.

Date Message
05/03/2021 MIA and MVA data updated for vERAM and VRC. Click here to view changelog.
01/21/2021 A massive MVA data update has been pushed for all sector files! Click here to read the changelog.
12/31/2020 AIRAC Cycle 2014 has been published with a new host of Alias commands! Download available through Dropbox. Type .commands and .changelog in your ATC client for more information.
12/14/2020 New sector splits, sector file updates, and ZSE Enroute SOP have been published! Documents can be accessed via the Downloads Center and Documents Center.
12/01/2020 Effective 01DEC2020, a new SOP_104 is published for ZSE-P80 coordination. SOP_102 and SOP_103 have also been updated. See forum post for more details.
11/19/2020 Effective 19NOV2020, the mutual visiting agreement with ZDV is canceled. Sign up on their website if you would like to stay active there.
07/06/2020 Please read this reminder from VATUSA1.
07/01/2020 New vSTARS, vERAM, and POF files are available for download.
06/29/2020 The ZSE Training Department will be hosting a live vSTARS class on Discord on July 1st at 1830 PDT. Join us on discord!
06/27/2020 Effective 01JUL2020 a revised ZSE-ZLC LOA will be in effect. The LOA outlines new ZSE and GEG/MSO procedures.
06/25/2020 Effective today, 6/25/2020, all ZSE training sessions will be conducted on Discord. Check your email or ask a staff member for the invite link.

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