All Seattle ARTCC NOTAMs

This table lists all ARTCC NOTAMs.

Date Message
01/05/2018 2017 End-of-Year Report
12/09/2017 ZSE Master File (1713) Released!  Includes new Center splits and updated PDX airport diagram!
12/03/2017 A new document for S1 controllers has been published. Download the 'Intro to Controlling Live for Newly Certified S1s' document today!
12/03/2017 ZSE Management has implemented a modernized way to reward those controllers who go the extra mile!
08/25/2017 BFI 08/068 (KBFI A0515/17) BFI RWY 13L/31R CHANGED TO RWY 14L/32R 1708170700-PERM 
BFI 08/067 (KBFI A0516/17) BFI RWY 13R/31L CHANGED TO RWY 14R/32L 1708170700-PERM
07/17/2017 Unofficial Controller Monitoring has been restored. Please review the new guidelines here.
07/10/2017 ZSE seeking Event Coordinator
06/01/2017 Climb Via the SID Phraseology Guide now available.
05/14/2017 VATUSA Notification 51417-A regarding 'Climb Via' has been issued.
03/01/2017 The voice server is out of service until further notice. Please use

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