All Seattle ARTCC NOTAMs

This table lists all ARTCC NOTAMs.

Date Message
12/09/2017 ZSE Master File (1713) Released!  Includes new Center splits and updated PDX airport diagram!
12/03/2017 The Seattle ARTCC Facility Advisory Board will be meeting on Sunday, December 17, 2017 at 2100z (1600 EST, 1300 PST) in the Seattle ARTCC Teamspeak Server. This meeting is open to the public.
12/03/2017 ZSE Home/Visiting Controller ARTCC Survey - Submissions close 12/31/17
12/03/2017 A new document for S1 controllers has been published. Download the 'Intro to Controlling Live for Newly Certified S1s' document today!
12/03/2017 ZSE Management has implemented a modernized way to reward those controllers who go the extra mile!
08/25/2017 BFI 08/068 (KBFI A0515/17) BFI RWY 13L/31R CHANGED TO RWY 14L/32R 1708170700-PERM 
BFI 08/067 (KBFI A0516/17) BFI RWY 13R/31L CHANGED TO RWY 14R/32L 1708170700-PERM
07/17/2017 Unofficial Controller Monitoring has been restored. Please review the new guidelines here.
07/10/2017 ZSE seeking Event Coordinator
06/01/2017 Climb Via the SID Phraseology Guide now available.
05/14/2017 VATUSA Notification 51417-A regarding 'Climb Via' has been issued.
03/01/2017 The voice server is out of service until further notice. Please use
12/25/2016 The end-of-year ARTCC surveys have been published!
12/17/2016 SOP_011: Unofficial Monitoring Guidelines Policy has been removed. Please click here for more information.

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