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Created 01/02/2016 02:31
Last Updated 11/24/2020 22:37
by Finn Hutter

To aid with traffic flow and provide for safe departures from Troutdale airport, IFR aircraft should be placed on the Blue Lake Three Standard Instrument Departure. By having the aircraft turn north after their initial departure heading, they will avoid the arriving/departing aircraft from Portland International and the hills and mountains in close proximity to the Troutdale Airport.

If the pilot will not accept the Blue Lake Three Departure, then the tower should give the pilot an initial heading of 055 to 1,000ft, then heading 310 if departing Runway 7, or a heading runway heading to 900ft, then right turn to a heading of 320 if departing Runway 25. Remember that tower will need to get an IFR release from Portland Approach and ultimately, it's Portland Approach's responsibility to give the initial heading unless the aircraft accepted the Blue Lake Three departure.


No SID, departing Runway 7

N57SF, wind 050 at 10, runway 7, cleared for takeoff. Fly heading 055 until reaching one thousand, then turn left heading 310. 

For aircraft whose destination is to the south, you can turn them southbound once they reach the MVA. During periods of heavy traffic, it may be best to vector them to cross KPDX midfield. This will give the least impact on arriving and departing aircraft from KPDX.