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C1 Training Syllabus:

Session 1: Enroute Controller

  1. Center Overview
  2. VRC Setup
  3. En-Route Radar Separation
    1. Lateral and Vertical
    2. Methods of Separation
  4. RVSM
  5. Weather Information
    1. AIRMET
    2. SIGMET
    3. PIREP
  6. Pilot Deviations
  7. Altimeter Issuance
    1. Lowest Usable Flight Level
  8. Crossing Restriction Issuance
    1. Profiled vs. Non-Profiled
    2. Aircraft not on a STAR
  9. When to Issue Decent
  10. Military Operations Area (MOA)
  11. Aerial Refueling
  12. Special Use Airspaces
  13. Formation Flights
    1. Standard vs. Non-Standard
  14. Oceanic Procedures
    1. ZAK online vs. offline
  15. Letter of Agreements
  16. Review:
    1. Uncontrolled Field Operations
    2. Precision Approach Procedures
    3. Holding Procedures.

Session(s) 2 – 4: Live Training

  1. No new specific material covered.
  2. INS/MTR may elaborate on concepts, as necessary.

Session 5: Practice OTS, OTS Recommendations, Written Exam

  1. Repeat Session 5 in OTS conditions for purpose of securing OTS recommendations.
  2. After receiving the first OTS recommendation, the Student will be assigned the VATUSA Controller (C1) written exam, to be completed with an 80% or higher.  On fail, the written exam will automatically reassign in 7 days.
  3. After the Student receives two OTS recommendations from two separate members of the training staff and has passed the written exam, the Student is OTS ready and may request an OTS exam via the ZSE Training Scheduler.

Session 6: OTS Exam

On Pass:

- Promote student to C1 on VATUSA website, and endorse on all ZSE positions.

On Fail:

-Reattempt OTS in no sooner than 7 days


For a 7110.65 Reference:

Chapter 5 – Section 1 = Radar General (Specifically 5-1-8 *Merging Target*)
Chapter 8 – Glance at all sections that are relevant to our region = General Offshore Oceanic Procedures