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Unofficial Controller Monitoring:

Unofficial Controller Monitoring is a program that allows controllers to help in the monitoring of other lower rated controllers to gain experience on the live network. Students must be approved for unofficial monitoring by a training staff member before they can be monitored by an Unoffical Monitor. An Unofficial Monitor is not a staff position, only an authorization that allows the Unofficial Monitor to monitor a student on the live network. The Unofficial Monitor must be approved by the TA before being allowed to unofficially monitor a student.


Requirements to be unofficially monitored:

  • Hold a rating of S1 or higher.
  • In good standing with ZSE and VATSIM.
  • Have completed all prerequisites for their rating, all classroom blocks, and have had sweatbox and live training.
  • Authorized by a MTR or INS for unofficial monitoring, noted on the ZSE roster by a pink box in the position endorsment box.


Requirements to become an Unofficial Monitor:

  • Hold a rating of S2 or higher.
  • In good standing with ZSE and VATSIM.
  • Home controller at ZSE for at least 60 days.


To apply to become an Unofficial Monitor, email training@zseartcc.org with your interest in becoming an Unofficial Monitor. Unofficial Monitors will have their rating on the ZSE roster bolded. When hovering over an Unoffical Monitor's rating on the roster it will read "Unofficial Monitor".


Duties of the Unofficial Monitor:

  • Ensure the student requesting to be unofficially monitored has been approved for unofficial monitoring on the ZSE roster.
  • Be logged in on the same position or on one position above (with the exception of SEA_CTR).
    • Students must always log in with _S_ in their callsign. For example, a student on PDX_S_TWR will be monitored by an Unofficial Monitor online as either PDX_TWR or PDX_APP.
    • An Unofficial Monitor cannot monitor someone on approach if they are logged in on center.
  • The Unofficial Monitor can only monitor students on positions they are endorsed for.
  • Ensure student has the capacity to handle the present traffic load. If the student cannot handle the traffic load, they must disconnect from the network.
  • If the Unofficial Monitor is controlling one position higher, the Unofficial Monitor must ensure they can handle the present traffic load in their airspace and be able to monitor the student on the position below. If the Unofficial Monitor cannot handle both positions, they must have the student disconnect.
  • Monitor the student for any practical or theoretical errors. If any errors are noted, the Unofficial Monitor must contact training@zseartcc.org and explain the error. The Unofficial Monitor is not at liberty to teach the student any material, they may only give advice.