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Created 08/25/2021 00:20
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by Matthew Woerly

Although VRC is suitable for controlling any position from DEL to CTR, vSTARS mimics the real-world STARS system used for US TRACONs.

Quick reference of important initial settings:

See our Cheat Sheet or in the Documents section or Intro Video for more details.

CTRL+S for settings

General Tab

  • Don't show Display Control Panels of dials on the sides if you don't use them
  • Display winds in SSA

Top Menu

Range Rings Button

Range Rings - adjust spacing and center. Useful for radar contacting and spacing on final.


  • 10/28 for video maps (PDX)
  • MVA
  • CLASSC/CLASSD for airspace
  • APD (Use CTRL+T to enter Top Down Mode)

BRITE - Adjust maps (MPA/MPB), limited data blocks (LDB) as needed

SHIFT - Adjust Predicted Track Line (PTL) length, set to OWN or ALL to add these automatically.

PREF - Click on one to load it. Save As to save a new one. Save to save currently loaded one. Remember to save, don't lose your settings!

Main View

List Relocation with F7:

  • S (System Status Area (SSA) showing time, visibility, altimeters, etc.)
  • T (TAB list for FLIGHT PLAN)
  • TM (LA/CA/MCI)
  • TS (SIGN ON list)
  • TN (CRDA STATUS, not used for most airports)
  • P(1-3) TOWER lists

CTRL+ALT+(0-9) to set bookmarks, CTRL+(0-9) to use them.

.ASDEX KSEA to open ASDEX window (KSEA and KPDX only)

.autotrack all to automatically track departures at all airports

Review the vSTARS Controller's Guide and vSTARS Command Reference. These are available on the vSTARS website at and also installed along with vSTARS under C:\Program Files (x86)\vSTARS