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Created 07/08/2022 07:59
Last Updated 07/08/2022 08:16
by Falcon Momot

Seattle ARTCC Privacy Policy

Information We Collect:

  • Your name and email address (public)
  • Your photo or profile picture if you provide it (public)
  • Your VATSIM CID and ratings (public)
  • Records of the time you spend logged into the network (public)
  • Notes from training sessions
  • Reviews given for you by pilots and other controllers
  • Information inherently collected as part of operating a website, such as IP address and browser identification

With Whom We Share Non-Public Data:

  • VATSIM and its affiliated organizations
  • Seattle ARTCC staff and mentors

Other Information:

  • Data about you is stored in servers leased by Seattle ARTCC or its staff and is domiciled in the United States
  • We will comply with requests to disclose or delete data made in accordance with applicable regulations, but if you request that we delete your data, you must immediately disaffiliate yourself with Seattle ARTCC at
  • This privacy policy explicitly does not apply to:
    • Data that is subject to a lawful access request or subpoena
    • Data that may, in the Seattle ARTCC staff's sole discretion, evidence or pertain to illegal activity or a violation of any terms of use.
  • By continuing to use this site you stipulate that in respect of any controversy related to your use, venue lies in King County, Washington, USA, or the Western District of Washington, and the laws of Washington State shall govern.
  • Seattle ARTCC is not an incorporated organization.