Future Events

The Pilot Club returns to ZSE!

Date and Time October 13, 2023
00:00 - 03:00
Airports Staffed KEUG
Shifts 1 Shift
Open to Signups

Past Events

TPC Discovery Flight


Date and Time August 27, 2023
00:00 -04:00
Airports Staffed KPDX, KPSC

Seattle Roulette: FNO

Seattle ARTCC presents Seattle Roulette!

Date and Time August 12, 2023
00:00 -04:00
Airports Staffed KSEA

Delta Delight

Delta Delight

Date and Time April 15, 2023
00:00 -04:00
Airports Staffed KGEG, KMWH, KPSC, KYKM

Columbia River Crossfire

Join ZSE from 2359z to 0400z on February 12th in flying part of this majestic journey from part of the river basin in the Tri-Cities (KPSC), through the Washington and Oregon countryside to Portland.

Date and Time February 13, 2023
00:00 -03:00
Airports Staffed KPDX, KPSC

Fly-In Thursday 01/12/23

Join TPC and ZSE in a fly in on January 12th and explore the fun that the Portland area has to offer. Both KPDX and KHIO will be staffed from 0100-0300z (January 13th zulu) or 5-7pm PST.

Date and Time January 13, 2023
01:00 -03:00
Airports Staffed KPDX, KHIO

Clear to Land Runway '23

Seattle, Edmonton and Vancouver wish you a Very Happy New Years. We

Date and Time January 9, 2023
00:00 -04:00
Airports Staffed KSEA

North Pole Express

help move the volumes of letters from kids in Northwest USA to the North Pole...or at least part way there (KSEA - CYEG). See ya soon in the skies on Sunday 04 Dec 22, 1700 - 2100 MST, 1600 - 2000 PST

Date and Time December 5, 2022
00:00 -04:00
Airports Staffed KSEA

Cascades Returns!

The possibilities are endless on November 22nd from 2359z-0400z between KSEA, KBLI, CYVR and CYYJ

Date and Time November 23, 2022
00:00 -04:00
Airports Staffed KSEA, KBLI

Cross the Pond (Eastbound)

[Time slots may change by up to 30 minutes!] The event is biannual flying between Europe and North and Central America Westbound in the spring and Eastbound in the autunm

Date and Time October 22, 2022
10:30 -14:30
Airports Staffed KSEA, KPDX

Fly In Thursday

ZSE and The Pilot Club present Fly In Thursday

Date and Time October 21, 2022
00:00 -03:00
Airports Staffed KPSC