Virtual Airline Partners

The VATUSA Seattle ARTCC is excited to announce it has entered into a formal mutual alliance partnership with VATSTAR. VATSTAR is a simulated flight training program. Although they work with real instructors and pilots, they only operate with Flight Simulators and VATSIM.

VATSTAR PR | [email protected]

Fly High Virtual was created in March 2020 by highly-skilled and tenured members within the virtual aviation community. Our network consists of 80,000+ routes, 20+ aircraft types, over 15+ real world airlines and cargo operators! We challenge you to join our team and enjoy your Virtual Airline experience with other high-valued members of the Flight Simulator community like streamers, influencers, and more!

FllyHighVA | [email protected]

Delta Virtual Airlines is a group of flight simulation enthusiasts who fly Delta Air Lines and its alliance partners routes using Microsofts Flight Simulator 2002, 2004 or Flight Simulator X, and is in no way affiliated with Delta Air Lines. Delta Virtual Airlines is the worlds largest virtual airline.

Jim Rose | [email protected]

VirtualUA Inc. is a non-profit virtual aviation organization for simulation pilots, an environment in which the individuals can experience, learn, and have fun while conducting basic and advanced piloting skills using flight simulator software. While simulating real world operations in flight simulator is a goal, VirtualUA wants to promote and teach all forms of aviation. Virtual UA would like to be a learning tool, where flight simulator users can come to experience a new level of both real and virtual aviation. VirtualUA offers a custom ACARS, Discord Server, events, and more! Join today!

Robby Sayles | [email protected]

FedEx Virtual Air Cargo has been operational since October of 2007 and has grown into the top Cargo airline for the VAFS ACARS flight system. Come join the fun today and fly with some of the most dedicated and friendly pilots in the virtual skies!

Andrew Watson | [email protected]

Alaska Airlines Virtual was created by five friends who enjoy flying on flight simulators and the VATSIM network. Together we have over 20 years of flying experience, many of us either already holds some form of pilot's license or are working on obtaining their license. Alaska Airlines Virtual strives to add realism to the flight sim community while also building a community to meet new people and have fun. We were created in May of 2020 and officially launched on June 25th, 2020. Alaska Airlines Virtual was created with the purpose of use on all simulators including FSX, Prepar3D, and X-plane 11. Alaska Airlines Virtual is in no way affiliated with "Alaska Airlines, Inc."

Reece Boynton | [email protected]

Mountain Air is a regional virtual airline with several hubs covering the continental USA, Alaska, southern Canada and the Caribbean. We focus on shorter flights to regional airports from our hubs, with our average flight length being less than 1.5 hours. We have both passenger and cargo divisions to accommodate a wide range of aircraft and flight segments.

Gary Widup | [email protected]

Pacific Airways headquarters located in Seattle, WA! Established in 1997, Pacific Airways has been providing thousands of virtual pilots with a fun and realistic environment to call home for over a decade. With a dedicated team of staff members and the best virtual pilots, we are capable of satisfying every need of our virtual pilots.

Tom Detlefsen | [email protected]

More To Come!

Phil Martin, UPS001 President | [email protected]

Love to fly FS9,FSX or X-Plane. You came to the right place. We have all your favorite aircrafts and Airlines route you love. Some of airlines we have is SWA, DAL, AAL, HAL, AWE, NKS and the cargo company in our system UPS, FDX, and Atlas Air and more

Brian Mensing | [email protected]

American Airlines Virtual is a virtual airline based off the real world American Airlines. Our goal is to real world AA environment, with more fun, and creativity then you would think possible. AAVirtual has over 100 active pilots and is growing everyday.

Ada Erzurumlu | [email protected]

Our Virtual Airline is among the greatest because of the level of enthusiasm we put into day to day operations. We strive to emulate the operations of Alaska Airlines and their affiliates.

Diego Naranjo | [email protected]

Welcome to the Northwest Air Guard (NWAG). NWAG is a diverse group of pilots operating on the VATSIM network performing a wide range of flight operations. Whether you’ve just created a VATSIM ID, or if you’re a veteran user, our mission is to provide rich environment for Flight Simulator training and usage to highest attainable realism degree on the VATSIM Network. That being said, we will also make it enjoyable for our members to come out and fly. We will provide training to any pilot looking to better themselves on the VATSIM network and to provide that training to the highest degree, so that if said pilots decide to pursue real-world flight training, they will have a basic understanding of the system prior to their first lesson.

Bryson Jorgensen | [email protected]